Review- HBO 24/7: Flyers/Rangers Episode 3

Just one episode remains of the 24/7: Flyers/Rangers Road to the Winter Classic after last night’s episode.

Last night we got an even deeper look into the coaching style of Peter Laviolette. He gave John Tortorella a run for his money from last week’s locker room tirade at the start of the show and we then got a preview of what went down between him and Dallas’s Steve Ott.


Here are last night’s highlights:

  • Laviolette talking to his team at the second intermission against the Avalanche: “What’s the problem now? I wanna see people rip their heart out of their fucking chest this period. And if you don’t you’re probably not gonna like your ice time. Take your first shift, you’ll get it. Earn the second one. I’m not putting up with it. It’s too much.”
  • Claude Giroux talking to Lavs at practice in Dallas on if he was ready to return from sitting with a concussion:  “I don’t wanna go out there and like hurt the team.” and later to camera crew: “I wanna make sure I’m 100% when I go back.” The odd thing here was that Lavs seemed like he was rushing Giroux, insisting he looked fantastic in practice even though Giroux said “Yeah but this is just practice.”
  • Laviolette’s encounter with Steve Ott… Ott said “Show some class, man. Let our team go.” Lavs told Ott “Go fuck yourself.” He refused to address what had happened with the camera crew when questioned.
  • Steve Ott and Giroux had a spat on the ice. Giroux asked Ott if he was taking the face off, to which he replied: “I’m 5th in the league. At face offs. Check You’re a good player. You’re doing real well. I’m 5th in the league, so I’m probably gonna win it right there.” G told him he never said if he was good or bad and then went on to get his second point of the night.
  • Landon Girardi was a star again, ice skating for the first time with his dad. I feel for Dan Girardi when he said his back and arms were burning from holding Landon up. Teaching a toddler to ice skate is rough on the body. Trust me.
  • We got to see Marion Gaborik carry his live Christmas tree home on the streets of New York.
  • Pens fans miss Mike Rupp. This show makes it ever more evident why we miss Rupper. He’s a gritty player and a great peronality on ice and in the locker room and does tremendous things for the fans and community. In the game against the Flyers, he said to Jodi Shelley “You’re fucking irrelevant out here.” Someone else skated by and told Rupp he was going after a 22 year old. Rupp responded “He’s acting like a fucking idiot.” We love you Rupp.
  • Tortorella gave another speech on discipline to the team prior to the game against the Flyers. “We are going North south and we’re going right at them… I’m not worried about the energy. I’m worried about stepping over the line and losing our discipline. We’re gonna go at them. We’re not taking a step backwards. We’re gonna set the tempo, but we’re not gonna be undisciplined. Let’em know. Hit or get hit.”
  • We saw why Ryan Callahan is the Rangers’s Captain. In between periods, he was at the white board reviewing plays with Torts, who immediately went to watch video of what Callahan was describing that transpired on the ice so that they could strategize for the next period. Great team work between the two of them. You want to see this from your captain. We have seen it from Crosby here in Pittsburgh. He is always talking to the team about what just happened on the ice and how to combat it.
  • Flyers’s Tom Sestito was called up from the AHL and was chirping at the Rangers from the bench. Channeling his inner Kevin Stevens, he said “I’m  gonna knock every fucking one of you out.” You were chirping at Brad Richards. Brad Richards who has won the Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe and Lady Byng and played for Team Canada in the Olympics. He responded appropriately: “Big day in the NHL for you man. Fantasy camp for you.”
  • The Rangers had an ugly sweater party. Callahan won the best sweater. Brandon Dubinsky was dressed as Santa and Brian Boyle was Buddy the Elf. Brad Richards said “Supposed to be ugly sweater night but it turned into kind of a Halloween party I think.” And Christmas at the Boyles was insane. Brian is the middle child of 13 kids. THIRTEEN.
  • Christmas at the Bryzgalovs: I thought his hot woman husky was going to eat his son. His daughter Valerie said to his son Vlad: “I’m more Englisher and you’re more Russianer.”  Too funny.
  • Tons of great music again in the soundtrack last night. More Thrice. I approve.

Next week, Pens vs Flyers will be covered hopefully pretty well before they show the actual Winter Classic. Pretty sure as Pens fans, we just really want to see the Pens/Flyers coverage.

I’ll add a highlights video later today.

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2 responses to “Review- HBO 24/7: Flyers/Rangers Episode 3

  1. “We have seen it from Crosby here in Pittsburgh. He is always talking to the team about what just happened on the ice and how to combat it.”

    Not that I’m saying it is the next immediate step, but I’m confident that when Crosby finally does finish his career, he will make a great coach. The guy is smart, and people need to understand that no matter what happens after all of this injury business, he isn’t done with this game.

    Great read, felt like i was watching it!

    • Thanks Dan :) I’ll get some video up later.

      And I agree about Sid. Not every great player makes a great coach, but you can see he has that in him. He has such amazing vision of the plays as they transpire and reading what will happen. You always see him talking to his team while on the bench about what the players can do on the next shift. He’d definitely translate over well into a coaching role.

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