And the Winners Are…

#Sherobucks has come to and end. On behalf of @Evil_Shero and @Evil_Bylsma I would just like to say what an absolute pleasure it has been getting to know all of you over the past 3 months. You have all been fabulous and patient and great fans and friends. So without further adieu, here are your winners!

1. @gerg27 – Prize Pack 3 (James Neal)

2. @Shelbro78- Prize Pack 2 (Tickets to Pens vs Islanders in March)

3. @PensRYourDaddy – Prize Pack 1 (Tickets to Pens vs Ducks in Feb)

4. @PensKnittngLady- Prize Pack 4 (Arena Ornament)

5. @jmcguirk152 – Prize Pack 5 (24/7 DVD)

6. @weaveswag- Prize Pack 6 (Yard sign)

7. @rdtennant- Prize Pack 7 (Geno 1)

8. @lovejoymedo- Prize Pack 8 (Geno 2)

Congratulations to everyone who won!

There is ONE surprise though. One of the sets of tickets for the top two winners is from believe it or not, Gregg, who is our top winner. So he will be choosing a different prize pack, which means that IF they want them (You are able to pass on the game tickets!) the game tickets will go to Michele (Shelbro78) and Mike (PensRYourDaddy).

Final Standings


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3 responses to “And the Winners Are…

  1. Wow congrats everyone! Gregg that was awesome of you to give up your tickets as a prize for the contest. I think we all need to get together for a beer at the next game we are all at :)

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