Obligatory Crosby Spam Out

By Letangueray

Awwww yeah! This broad is employed again!

One of my entries in The Pensblog Trolling Sid Expo

Best. Ever.

Matt Cooke's reaction to playing on line with Sid

Crosby and I use the same jelly. Obviously soul mates? Haha

Disco Dan's reaction to the Sid News

Woooo! Me, Kiddo and some friends behind Sid!

My Reaction to the Sid News

Geno's Reaction to Sid News

Patrick Kane's Reaction to Sid News

Sid's Reaction to Sid News

Ovi has no idea WTF is about to go down tomorrow

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4 responses to “Obligatory Crosby Spam Out

  1. hehehe… thanks for those. I’m sorry but I have to admit, I’m kinda getting really jazzed for tomorrow night. Circumstances have dictated that I will be at my most favorite bar with the best hockey TV ( aside from the Wheelhouse), and I can barely wait the 20 hours or so till the game. I am vey cautious however, because I do get it that after 9 straight wins, there is going to come a loss, and it may be an ugly loss( Man the bridges ) I am really stoked that Sid will be playing with Cookie. Strange linemates, stranger bedfellows. My son’s hockey session ended tonite the way it started. Young team, new coach. It’ll get better. Bring on Spring session. GO PENS!

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