Hockey Game Style Tips: Guest Blog from Primped in Pittsburgh

By Gabrielle Juliann from Primped in Pittsburgh with additional commentary by Stevie aka Letangueray from High Heels & Hockey

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love attending hockey games. Being right in front of the action is quite an exhilarating experience! There are so many sights and sounds at hockey games that you may become overwhelmed if it’s your first time but if you follow my tips you can at least be confident in what you’re wearing. If you own an oversized jersey of any kind that does not flatter your body please take my advice and keep it in the back of your closet, or feel free to display it on your wall to represent your team pride. Clothes are meant to be fun and to enhance your figure not hide it (…even jerseys). Now I am not saying go put on the tightest outfit you have but I swear it is possible to look cute at a game without looking trashy!

Thank Alyssa Milano for creating her line of feminine sport apparel called Touch by Alyssa Milano. Her line features a variety of tops, hoodies and even jeans that will allow you to rep your team in style. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers are both represented and the gear is oh so cute! Pieces from the Touch by Alyssa Milano line can be purchased at various locations throughout the ‘Burgh (including the Consol Energy Center) and online. If you can’t seem to find anything you like from her line you can find many fashionable women’s apparel items at various other stores throughout the Pittsburgh area. Listed below are some cute looks I put together for game-day. Every girl at the game will be envious of your cute, sporty and comfortable look :)

 Option#1: Form- Fitting Jersey & Denim

I love me a pair of cute jeans and a form- fitting jersey to rep my favorite player. When I say form- fitting, however, I do not mean tight! The jerseys I own are the largest size in kids because I am quite petite but they’re still roomy enough to be comfortable. Trust me, being comfy does not mean you have to sacrifice looking cute! Pair your jersey with some skinny jeans & some nice boots and you’re all set.

Option#2: Hockey Tee & Denim

If you can’t afford a hockey jersey it is completely acceptable to wear a player tee instead. I have two different ones currently, which I love wearing all the time even at the park! You can find these literally anywhere. I purchased one at Macy’s and another at the Pens Gear store in Southside Works. As far as sizing is concerned it would be wise to either try it on before you buy it or ask a sales associate for help. I purchased a small men’s shirt and to my surprise it fit perfectly! Wearing the tee alone is probably not the best idea since hockey arenas tend to be cold (obviously…). I bought a long sleeve solid hooded sweatshirt to go underneath my t-shirts to wear at games. This is one of my favorite looks.

Gabrielle's choice of jeans, a James Neal Shersey and a hoodie

Now those are just two examples of wearing sports gear to games in a fashionable way. However, nobody ever said it’s a requirement to wear sports- related attire. The most important things to remember when dressing for a sporting event are to wear something comfortable, keep it pretty casual & try to stay classy. If you purposely wear something tight or revealing it’s going to be obvious that you are there for other reasons than watching the game ;) So, what is your favorite outfit to sport at a hockey game?

If you are in need of some inspiration here are some cute pieces I found while surfing the web. Also, if you are looking for inexpensive gear I suggest heading out to the Strip District!

Rinkside Pittsburgh Penguins Women’s Hooded Sweatshirt

G-III Pittsburgh Penguins Women’s Vintage Thermal ‘touch’ by Alyssa Milano T-Shirt

 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL T Shirt

Reebok Pittsburgh Penguins Classics Hooded NHL Women’s Tee Shirt


Additional commentary by Letangueray

I love to accessorize and doing it at a hockey game is no exception. You can still look fun and sexy without looking like a tramp with the cut up hockey shirts, short skirt and knee high boots. I thought just for fun, I’d show a few other looks you can take to a game.

One of my favorite websites for shopping for ladies sports gear is Lady Fanatics.  Hockey, baseball, basketball, football and more. You cannot go wrong. You will find your favorite team and they always run amazing deals with flat rate shipping and discounts. Make sure you subscribe to their email newsletter for deals!

Outfit #1

The first outfit is a Pens shersey, a hoodie and jeans. Simple, comfortable, and you’ll be warm if you’re sitting close to the ice.

Outfit #2

My second choice shakes things up a little bit. This is a ladies fit Pens T with a white beater tank underneath to rock a layered look with jeans and a yellow scarf for some added “Black and Gold”.


Of course, no outfit is complete without accessories! I personally stay away from necklaces and instead stick with dangle earrings and maybe a big ring. And I never go to a game without my Love for Lokomotiv bracelet!

Other tips:

Wear comfortable shoes! I know the site is called High Heels & Hockey, but leave the stilettos at home ladies! Please! Stadium style seating/stairs are no joke!

Boots with a low heel, sneakers, and walking flats (Sketchers makes adorable walking flats) are all acceptable choices!

Keep your makeup fun but low profile. If your makeup looks like a porn star’s you are wearing too much. Natural is a good way to go, but a little shimmer doesn’t hurt! Here is an example of my makeup on a game day:

Remember to check out Primped in Pittsburgh’s blog for great deals, tips and information on how to stay classy and fun in the Pittsburgh area!

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