How to Win a Day with the Cup

By Stevie aka Letangueray

Pens fans all know that this is the true Hockey Town, the City of Champions. The Stanley Cup belongs here and this year it is time to bring Lord Stanley back home. Wouldn’t it be really cool though if we could have the Cup in Pittsburgh for an extra day? A day for the fans?

Discover Card is holding a contest that will let one lucky hockey fan bring the Cup home to their hometown for the day. The theme of the contest is “I deserve to win a day with the Stanley Cup because…” Pittsburgh is home to some of the most die hard, dedicated fans around with some of the quirkiest fans around who have their own “urban legends” attached to them. I have every bit of hope and faith that this is the town that deserves to have the Cup for the day!

Here is a video about last year’s winner:

I know a lot of fans with many inspirational stories about what hockey in this town means to them and stories of what our beloved Penguins have personally done for them. From the Pens visiting children in the hospital to parents who spend all of their time and hard earned money doing all they can so that their kids can play this sport, Pittsburgh fans have what it takes to bring the Cup to Pittsburgh for the day!

We watched our guys have their Day with the Cup back in 1991,1992, and 2009. Maybe it’s time for a fan to have their day after years of dedication and love for the Penguins. I know that I personally would love to pull a Kevin Stevens and enjoy the Cup in my swimming pool!

Here is how you enter:
Visit Discover Card’s Facebook Page to enter to win. Submissions are due between today, March 23 and April 12.
Using the statement “I deserve to win a day with the Stanley Cup because_____.” tell Discover Card why YOU are the ultimate fan.  Be creative! Talk about your love of the sport, your favorite hockey memories, what hockey has brought to your life or how the sport has personally touched you.

You can also  get more information with Discover’s Twitter page.

Now the real awesome part of this is that just for entering, 2 High Heels & Hockey readers will each win a $25 Disover gift card JUST for  entering in the contest. Please alert me of your submission if you choose to participate. ( If more than 2 people submit entries, we will pull names from a hat. I can video blog this occurring to show that it is fair. Screen shot your entry confirmation and email it to me  to be entered in the drawing!

If any of our readers have or want a Discover Card, they have that 5% cash back program which you can  link to your account and pay for Amazon purchases with your cash earners. Just saying, Amazon has some awesome hockey gear that is hard to find in stores.

Hope you will all participate! BRING THE CUP HOME!

One response to “How to Win a Day with the Cup

  1. Hi my name is grant. We are a hockey family. But we mostly like hockey. It would mean the world to us to have the Stanley Cup for a day. We are about to lose our home and we don’t have too much money. We will be the most carefull as can be!! We will bring it to my hockey brink Hardy’s Iceplex.we will clean it if it needs to. Me and my brothers play hockey and my dad was a coach. My home town is saint Louis and my favorite team is the blues. My hole room is hockey and all my family doe’s is play hockey!!!! Please pick us!!!!

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