Chris Neil Hit Broken Down

By Stevie

Last night, Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators laid a hit on the Rangers’ Brian Boyle. Half of the hockey world is demanding suspension, the other half for it to slide. At first glance, I thought the hit was suspendable. But, looking more closely I am not so certain.

Let’s take a look.

Now, let’s slow it down.

When I made the shortened video that was used to create this .gif file, The total time of the incident in the video from Boyle taking his shot to landing on the ice and Neil skating away took 1.47 seconds. At .46 seconds into the video, the puck left Boyle’s stick. At .87 seconds into the video, contact was made. By NHL standards, this could┬ápossibly be considered a late hit. (But honestly, who knows considering the fluctuation in standards from day to day.) Now let’s look at some freeze frames.

In the first picture, Neil and Boyle are aligned shoulder-t0-shoulder.

Something to be considered though, obviously is the angle at which Neil is coming in for the hit, but from here, it appears shoulder-to-shoulder.

Next, here is the point of contact.

Here, is appears with the way that Boyle was leaning over and the angle at which Neil came in, his shoulder met Boyle's neck.

It looks as though Boyle’s neck met Neil’s shoulder.

I don’t think this is a dirty hit and for Rangers Head Coach John Tortorella to compare this with Raffi Torres’ hit on Marian Hossa is a gross exaggeration of events. Chris Neil did not leave his feet, was aligned shoulder-to-shoulder, and did not exhibit any sort of upward motion showing that he was intentionally targeting the head of Boyle.

It has been confirmed that Boyle is unfortunately out with a concussion. Yes, there was some contact with the head, but it appears primarily the neck.

Now, let me explain something from a first hand account. I suffered my second concussion back in October. Do you know I am being treated for now that my symptoms have not subsided? Whiplash. Based on what all of my doctors are explaining to me (which makes sense), force to the neck/head are related. Why? Because you have twelve pounds flailing around on a stick. Neck trauma can cause concussion like symptoms.

Plus, the force of the hit causing the jarring of the head, neck and thus the brain.

You don’t need to take a shot directly to the head to be concussed. Force trauma causes the concussion.

I actually do not believe that Neil should be suspended. One thing that I will say though is that the refs in this league have GOT to stop swallowing their whistles when a guy is down on the ice. It look too long for the whistle to be blown. Also, Neil does need to be more aware of the timing of the hit. But I don’t believe that this was dirty or that there was intent to injure.

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13 responses to “Chris Neil Hit Broken Down

  1. U fuckin asshole for saying this was different from the Torres Hit. It is exactly the same elbow to head with both feet leaving the ground… the was the quote the officials said… now why is the rule changed for fucking asshole neil? There is definately a conspiracy agains the rangers and Neil needs to be buried! I will gladly spend the rest of the life in jail if I can take Neil down! He has been a repeat offender and needs to be wacked. I am an Italian woman, and if you fuck with my boys, you will pay… any all you assholes that agree with this idiot will be buried along with neil. That is my promise

    • There is a conspiracy against the Rangers and the fact that you are Italian means what to me? I’m Italian too. Big whoop. Blame the league for inconsistency and not clearly defining well ANYTHING. I don’t consider what Neil did some huge leap into a dude. Looks like they both left their feet as they were falling. Again, this is JUST MY OPINION.

      And take a look at history. Neil is NOT a repeat offender. Torts got his facts messed up because Chris Neil has NEVER been suspended before.

      Know how many penalty minutes either of the guys who hit Crosby paid? ZERO. Take your tears elsewhere. It was my opinion after looking at it. You don’t have to agree with me but certainly don’t come around here acting psychotic because you suffer from extreme homerism. Wanna know a little secret? I’m a Rangers fan.

      Call your New Jersey connection Italian Woman lol

  2. Oh now I feel better – he was only targeting his neck, which isn’t part of his head or his shoulder. It’s no-man’s land and not punishable.

    – Blindside
    – Not late but Boyle’s head was low b/c he was finishing his shooting motion
    – Someone gonna argue Neil didn’t have intent? Please look at his history don’t need to be disciplined by joke of NHL offices to know what Neil is all about.

    • Like I stated, it looked like Neil was lining up for a shoulder to shoulder hit. I’d consider where the hit landed to be incidental. This is JUST my opinion. I freeze framed this and looked at it over and over again. I don’t think that he was intending to do something malicious here, but at the same time the only person who truly knows the intent is Neil himself.

      I have been extremely critical of the NHL all season for their lack of action on player safety. Not sorry to say that I actually agree with them this time. Just my opinion.

      • OK I will respectfully disagree with your opinion. Because he meant to do shoulder to shoulder (of course he did, Neil is a choir boy), the fact that he incidentally took his head off from the blind side is not important.

        Look, I agree with the league’s guidelines about the reasonable expectation that a player has in a play like that. See Staal’s hit last year on Strajan (sp?). Nasty hit but wasn’t suspended because he was the defender skating backwards and Staal was in front of him. But this blindside crap? Come on. You can’t expect a guy to finish his shot and look back left 90-180 degrees to see if a train is coming.

  3. I love Ranger fans!!! Always have to complain about leagues being agaisnt them haha….I have been an Ottawa Fan since they became a team. Im not saying everything is right in Ottawa all the time. The rangers have played well and boyle didnt deserve a concussion ….neither did Alfie! Instead of stating your heritage to everyone and acting like you have never watched hockey why dont you take your freskish aggression out on your forwards who think 1 goal a game all season prepares you for this. Gaborik is a joke who plays with 0 heart. Ottawa has and will prove to you they are the future of the game. Neil will take out anyone who skates as bad as Boyle over the blue line. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND NO HIT HAPPENS!!!!! Keep your elbows down and Alifes hit doesnt happen. Carkner should have a statue in Ottawa to show his heart. GO SENS GO and I have never been more proud of a team win or lose.

    • All home fans see what they want to see. I’m not going to defend the comments from some on this board b/c as a Ranger fan I don’t agree with them. I agree with your comments about our “stars” performance to date – very disappointing.

      I also don’t have a problem with Hagelin suspension given the result, but you can’t tell me his intent was the same as Neil’s – I’ll never buy that. Neil has played on the edge his whole career and come on, admit it, you wanted revenge for bitchslapping your boy Karlsson.

      I disagree with the keep your head up and nothing will happen comment. If it wasn’t late, and it wasn’t, THEN HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND ON A SWIVEL while taking a shot and then getting blindsided. Watch it in real time. It’s Boyle’s fault if the D in front of him stepped up and hit him, not if you get freight-trained from the side/back!!

      And you are going to defend Carkner only getting one game for jumping in and punching someone repeatedly while they’re on the ice, with the official standing there with his arms folded, then give Dubinsky the third man in???

      This all makes sense to you, and Neil gets nothing?

      • No I do not defend Canker only getting 1 game. This is another issue with the inconsistency of Shanahan. Arron Asham got suspended for 4 games for “cross checking” but we all know it was for the ONE punch to the back of Schenn’s head. Trevor Gillies 10 games for assaulting Eric Tangradi. To be honest, I was hoping for 10 for Canker and Asham.

        I see your point about coming in from the side. I think it more closely resembles the hit that Kris Letang took from Max Pacioretty in that respect, but not quite as bad. I don’t see this as a blatant headshot because I am accounting for the fact that a fraction of a second difference could have allowed this to be an actual shoulder/shoulder hit which it what it appeared to be lined to to be. That is what I am overall assessing this based on.

        I honestly don’t watch the Sens. They aren’t a blip on my radar so I cannot account for his overall style of play. My comments on his history were strictly based on disciplinary action, not his in game play.

        I can see an appreciate your point. Looking at it on the whole, I understand your point and why you think what you do.

        Thanks for having a calm discussion. I always welcome good, educated hockey talk on the site as opposed to well…the unfortunate other “fan” in the Rangers base who paid a visit!

  4. you miss the point….he was stalking him…go back to the beginning of play and see Neil laser in on Boyle

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