Roger Clemens Acquitted…Who Cares?

By Stevie

So Roger Clemens has been acquitted of charges of perjury (lying to Congress in 2008 about roiding).

The biggest issue I have here is…WHO  CARES?

The country is in disrepair and Congress is spending time on this? As a tax payer who signs their paychecks, I gotta say. I want reimbursed for the time they spent on this.

Look, here is my stance on “performance enhancing drugs” and professional sports: I really don’t care what these players do. Your job is to entertain me. To athletes, their job is to win trophies, but to the fans, your job is to keep us entertained (by winning).

I don’t want to go to a game and there aren’t any players in any sport who are impressive. I don’t want to never see another homerun race again. The McGwire/Sosa race was fantastic for the sport! Do I like athletes roiding their way to good stats? No. I’d rather see raw talent battle. I want to see guys/ladies who trained and conditioned and busted their butts to achieve top physical condition and ability. But corruption and cheating is everywhere. It is a fact of life, and this just has me shrugging.

Let the leagues figure out how to keep the clubhouses and locker rooms clean.

I understand the whole “integrity of the game” aspect of things and respecting the game, but look at the drama that takes place in sports outside of PEDs: Athletes accused of rape, shooting themselves in the leg, punching the police in the face when they come to their door to respond to domestic disturbance calls, cheating on their taxes, stealing from their charities… And we are worried about PEDs?

PEDs are only going to help a person so much. There are other aspects of sports that need fixed MORE than players taking PEDs. Baseball needs to review calls at the plate. Pirate fans learned that last year. Yes, there is the whole “purity of the game” that comes into play there, but why shouldn’t calls that determine the score and thus the outcome of the game be subject to review?

Hockey needs the league to crack down on player safety, and quite frankly the NFL could use some help in that area as well.

This was a joke. Yes, there was the whole steroid ring investigation and such, but this is not something that Congress should be focusing on.

So…Buccos fighting for that top spot, huh?



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