Deep in the Heart of Texas

By Stevie

With Parise/Suter watch at a total standstill, Double J comes back into our lives like only he can: Signing a contract with the Dallas Stars for 1 year at $4.5 million. *Face Palm*

General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk signing Jagr and Ray Whitney may get the team the senior rate at dinner on road trips. The Stars need to hit the cap floor as badly as the Panthers did last season. But $4.5 million for a guy who only scored 19 goals last season while centered by All Star Claude Giroux?

James Neal for $5 million and 40 goals looks even more like a steal every day, seeing as how Dallas is also paying former Penguin d-man Alex Goligoski $4.6 million. Mind you, the Pens also just signed former Dallas Star Matt Niskanen to a 2-year $2.3 million deal.

@Rick_City tweeted the comparables to Jagr’s cap hit from (best site for real).

Jesus there are a lot of REALLY bad contracts out there…

Nieuwendyk says of their recent signings,“We’re back as a relevant franchise.” 

Interesting way of putting it, I’d say. I mean, Jagr can still play, but he is clearly not a pup any longer and his attention whoring still knows no bounds. But if Dallas thinks he can help the franchise and fill seats, more power to them.

We all know Jagr goes where his heart is and where he can win…

Well, this at least kept us entertained for a few hours.

Good luck to you, Dallas.

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