Farewell to Sean Avery! (Officially)

By Stevie

The guy we all get great pleasure from hating is officially gone from the sport of hockey. Sean Avery announced his retirement yesterday morning on a New York radio station (you can get more information on the interview at The New York Rangers Blog). As a part of bidding adieu to hockey after playing 13 seasons at the NHL level, most recently on his second stint with the New York Rangers, Avery had this to say:

“The New York Rangers would have beaten the New Jersey Devils if Sean Avery was on the team this year.”


Avery has set himself up to likely go down as one of the most loathed hockey players of all time. While he had a decently respectable career when he actually tried, any talent he had was overshadowed by the fact that he is one of the biggest agitators the sport has seen in recent years. He fought 82 times at the NHL level. But now that Avery is done, who will Tyler Kennedy of the Pens fight? Scrapping with Avery is the most life we see from TK some nights.

Kennedy vs. Avery as is tradition.

Avery was arrested last summer for shoving a member of the LAPD when they were called to his home when neighbors complained of loud music from a party. He is also known for making comments at another player about them having his “sloppy seconds” when they dated actress Elisha Cuthbert after he did.

At any rate, I label this “retirement” as a misnomer. When you are such a complete toxic asset that teams don’t want you, I think this puts you more likely in the class of the unemployed.

But hey, he still has modeling, right?

At least Avery has a nice closet to comfort him. From NYMag.com

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One response to “Farewell to Sean Avery! (Officially)

  1. Congratulations on a stellar career, I bet NYR would have won the Cup w/ u!!

    OK u all done thinking I’m crazy!! Avery u can’t even beat Tyler Kennedy, I realize u can’t simply retire w/out stirring the pot!

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