Hockey Kicks Cancer Raises Over $5,500!

By Stevie

When I got home from Hockey Kicks Cancer yesterday, Meesh from Crosby FTW and I stood in my living room and I told him I just wanted to cry. He told me not to cry, but it did end up happening before the night was over. It wasn’t a bad cry though. It was part exhaustion, but part relief and part being overwhelmed by what was accomplished and how successful the event was yesterday.

I can say with complete confidence that yesterday was one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my life. The people who attended and played were amazing, fun, and kind hearted people. So before we get into a full recap, thank yous are in order.

Adam and Meesh from Crosby FTW: You guys kept me sane and going and thank you so much for umpiring, setting up, going shopping, making signs, etc. And of course all of our Skype meetings that were for planning but were like 15 min of planning and then 45 minute of off the rails conversation that made zero sense in the universe. Was a pleasure working with you both.

Adam and Derek from The PensBlog, Andy from PensNation, and Mary Rae Rocco: Thank you for umpiring and running the score board. Couldn’t have pulled off yesterday without your help!

John and James from Slewfooters: Thank you so much for your awesome donation basket and getting a team together! Congratulations on making it to the finals. I hope you had fun and will be there next year!

The members of Jobberdy: What you guys did was honestly one of the most incredible gestures I have ever witnessed. The money you raised ($2,700) will be put to good use and the world is honestly better with you guys in it. You were selfless and had fun doing it and showed what a little creativity and a good cause can bring out in people. Thank you for setting an unprecedented example of what is possible when you rally together around something you care about.

Gabrielle Bogan from Primped in Pittsburgh, Amy Ganser, Tracy Mammarelli, Chrissy and Bella McGregor: Thank you for selling tickets and shirts and keeping things going and organized throughout the day!

To everyone else whom attended, donated, played, and had some sort of involvement, no matter how small, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and we hope to see you all next year!

As of right now, the total that we are donating is $5,695.00. Donations are STILL coming in and we’d love to see more come in throughout the week before we send this check off to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! You can donate via PayPal by sending to We do have medium, large, and extra-large shirts available. Let me know if you want one. We’ll sell them for $15 each and get them out to you via mail or if you work in town or live in the South Hills we can meet up.

Without further ado, here are some photographs from yesterday’s event!

Prize Baskets! So many amazing baskets donated!

Teams starting to arrive!

Going over the rules with MegaPowers and Slewfooters

Slewfooters won Game 1!

MasterBatters and Krazy Kancer Kickers getting ready for Game 2

High Heels & Hockey knocked out by Crosby FTW

Adam and Meesh and I are still friends though

Adam, Nikki, and Justin filling out tickets to win prizes. Nikki took home a basket with autographs from Marc- Andre Fleury, Brooks Orpik, Kris Letang, and Tyler Kennedy.

Lewis’ Kickbawlers vs. Hockey Buzzards

Championship Game: Slewfooters vs. Lewis’ Kickbawlers

Lewis’ Kickbawlers won it all! Kickball champs for year 1!

We will DEFINITELY make this an annual event! It can only get better from here! Keep on donating through the end of the week and thank you once more for everything everyone has done!

Those whom ordered shirts online, they will be mailed out this week! 

We have 5 M, 14 L, 12 XL, 1 XXL shirts left! $15 each. You can PayPal to with your size and mailing address! All proceeds to be donated to LLS! 

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7 responses to “Hockey Kicks Cancer Raises Over $5,500!

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    • Thank you! I wrote out a check today and sent it in (we had more shirt orders). Very excited that we will be able to make this an annual event!

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