SheroBucks: Game 1- Crosby FTW Podcast!

For today’s SheroBucks game, you will listen to a podcast from the guys at Crosby FTW and complete the quiz below. There are 7 questions, worth 5 SheroBucks each. (Total of 35 possible SheroBucks.)


Listen to the podcast here. You can also subscribe to Crosby FTW on iTunes! Follow Adam  and Meesh on Twitter @PolishHMR @hockeymeesh.


1) What is the opening topic that Adam is downright sick of?

2) Name the first player Adam suggests voted against the CBA

3) Who are the two Penguins intertwined in the Hockey’s Back video?

4) How many players voted against the CBA?

5)  Where did Mike Knuble sign a tryout contract?

6) Who would Meesh like to see on the 3rd D pairing for the Pens?

7) What team does Adam have finishing either 1st or 4th in the Northwest Division?

Please email your answers to by 11:00 pm tonight! Put “SheroBucks Crosby FTW” in the subject line and include your name in the email so that your points can be tracked!

Good luck everyone!

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