SheroBucks Game 2: Scavenger Hunt on HH&H!

Today’s game will require you to hunt around the site to answer a few questions. There are 11 questions, worth 5 SheroBucks each. (Total of 55 possible SheroBucks.)- Today was supposed to be The PensNation but we swapped days!

Here are your questions! Tip: Use the site’s search bar!!!

1. What is the name of the team that won the Hockey Kicks Cancer tournament?

2. In a reader poll, what did fans say they would do the MOST during the NHL lockout?

3. I have a pair of shoes that were featured on the site. What brand of shoes are they? Hint: Check in the earlier months the site was up and running! (Brought to my attention that there are TWO pairs listed on the site. Forgot about a pair! One of them I actually own. The other I own a similar pair, same designer. I will accept either answer as correct!!)

4. Who is my all-time favorite Penguin?

5. Who do I believe was Sidney Crosby’s best winger in his career overall?

6. I was an advocate for the Pens bringing in Alexander Semin. Why did I believe he was struggling in Washington recently? I listed two  reasons.

7. What did people have “TK Rage” over during a practice in March?

8. What is my favorite Starbucks beverage?

9. Who made Cinderella shoes in 2012? Name the designer.

10. I compared Malkin and Stamkos’ seasons. What prompted this analysis?

11. I believe it is okay to wear gear from other NHL teams. Who’s sherseys do I own other than players on the Pens?

Please email your answers to by 11:00 pm tonight! Put “SheroBucks High Heels & Hockey” in the subject line and include your name in the email so that your points can be tracked!

Good luck!!

Answer’s to yesterday’s contest:

1) What is the opening topic that Adam is downright sick of?


2) Name the first player Adam suggests voted against the CBA

A – Tim Thomas

3) Who are the two Penguins intertwined in the Hockey’s Back video?

A – Lemieux & Malkin

4) How many players voted against the CBA?

A – 12

5)  Where did Mike Knuble sign a tryout contract?

A – Detroit

6) Who would Meesh like to see on the 3rd D pairing for the Pens?

A – Orpik, Engelland

7) What team does Adam have finishing either 1st or 4th in the Northwest Division?

A – Minnesota

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