The AHL Outdoor Classic & PGH Pens Notes

By: Jae ( @TheDeathmaster)

Not only have the Pittsburgh Penguins recorded four points this weekend, the AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins stole two points this evening from the Hershey Bears as the Bears hosted this years AHL Outdoor Classic. The Pens spoiled Hershey’s fun with an overtime winner from Paul Thompson, but the real win goes out to everyone who put this event together. The stands where packed with people, players reported favorable ice conditions, and the AHL Live feed looked amazing. Here’s a look at the rink, some of the players, and the special jerseys WBS wore.


The scoring opened up in the second period with the Bears striking first. The Pens wouldn’t tie it up until the third period with a goal from Riley Holzapfel that forced an overtime where the Pens struck quickly with a delicious pass from Joey Mormina to Paul Thompson to end the game. The Pens stormed the ice and celebrated with each other, which apparently Bears head coach, Mark French, thought was in bad taste. Oh well. Sorry to ruin your party, but we needed those points!

As for Pittsburgh, the first two games had a more urgent feel to them that a regular season games seems to lack. I have liked everything I have seen so far except for the decision to keep Eric Tangradi and Simon Despres. I felt Beau Bennett should have gotten the nod instead of Tangradi. I want to like Eric Tangradi, I really do, but he just doesn’t do anything for this team aside from making Tyler Kennedy look amazing.  I hope the kid proves me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath. As for Simon Despres, I just don’t think he is ready. Even with less NHL experience, Robert Bortuzzo seems like a better fit. A great stay-at-home defensemen who isn’t super flashy, but makes the right play. All of that aside, everything else seems to be falling right into play. The Power Play is killer, Tanner Glass and Brandon Sutter are proving their worth quickly, Thomas Vokoun is looking sharp, and FREE CANDY!!!

Is it Wednesday yet?! Drop the puck!!

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