Switching Things Up

By Stevie

I get bored very easily. I’m constantly changing things up. If you know me and follow me, you know I blog all over the place because I love writing about anything and everything. This blog in itself has been an evolution from day one.

The same applies to exercise. I get bored very easily. I have to constantly change it up or I’ll stop. I’ll just stop and I won’t go back. I used to play Wii Active and I dropped 2 jeans sizes pretty quickly but it got boring because I was doing the same thing every day and it just wasn’t fun anymore. I tried Zumba on the Wii and thought the game was horrible. It didn’t explain what to do, like actually teach you a routine. It was just a person dancing and it felt like once you got a move down they were moving onto the next and I was like “BUT I JUST GOT THE LAST ONE DOWN!”

The one thing I’ve gone hard core on since I started working out again is kettlebells. My God. Just try them if you haven’t.

I usually do isolated workouts at the gym and then I try other things at home. Kettlebells is my favorite and I’ve been trying different routines, each time stepping up difficulty.

I’ve been buying up fitness magazines like crazy for the past few months, looking for new workouts to try and also just reading through because there are great tips and studies available to help you improve your overall health. What I’ve done is removed the exercise routines from all of the magazines and placed them into a binder. I’ve tabbed them out by what type of workout they are: abs, arms, legs/butt, kettlebells, yoga, resistance bands, stability ball, and other. The other is like plyometrics, full body workouts, or things that I just have no idea what the heck it is.

My fitness binder. This is the workout Stacy Keibler does. I haven't tried it yet. I need to get the resistance bands set up.

My fitness binder. This is the workout Stacy Keibler does. I haven’t tried it yet. I need to get the resistance bands set up.

I feel like this is something that is helping me to stay motivated. I open the binder each day and look for something that targets whatever area of my body that I want to work on. The other great thing about it is that in some of the routines, there are moves that I just can’t do yet. I may not be flexible enough or my upper body strength isn’t quite there, or whatever it is. So what I’ll do is I’ll take moves from multiple routines and string them together into my own routine. I can customize and I don’t feel lost about it because I have a roadmap for exercise.

If I don’t keep trying new things I’ll never complete this journey. This is something that motivates me and I get excited when I try something new. It’s something I look forward to. The gym becomes so repetitive and feels so restrictive. The other day, one of the studios was empty. There is a ton of equipment in it because it normally holds any type of class that you can think of. So I went in and did a routine that I had strung together on my own from different things I saw in my magazines. I was able to have the space I needed and I had equipment available to me that I do not have at home.

You have to do what is comfortable for you and what works for you. While this doesn’t address my eating issues, this is something that helps me exercise daily and sometimes multiple times per day. It gives me access to workouts that are quick and easy and I can do in my livingroom while my kid plays with his toys.

Find what works for you to keep things fresh and interesting!

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